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(The Fancy Guppy Color Barrier Has Been Broken)

The Most Notable New Strain To Be Released In Quite Some Time

The Bar Has Been Set For All Other Full Colored Fancy Show Guppies
To Come

from Ed Chiasson

First, thank you for coming to my website.

Since 1970, I have been raising Fancy Show Guppies for pleasure and show. I won numerous awards over the years showing Fancy Show Guppies.

In my latter years of breeding Fancy Show Guppies, I decided to break out of the mold typical for breeders in the International Fancy Guppy Association show circuit. This awakening came after winning a class championship in the early 1990's.

I came to realize many of your best breeders do not show their guppies. I was fortunate to know such an individual his name was Al Prall. As a mentor he shared many of his experiences with me. His guppy breeding took him back to the times of Paul Hahnel and many other old masters.

He was always toying with different crosses. What amazed me were the melting pots of guppies that would take a life of their own, many breeders would have called those guppies junk. Every time I asked what he was doing with those tanks of junk guppies he never had an answer other than let us see what hidden treasures those guppies reveal. He never learned from a book but learned from doing, this was one of those learning experiences.

When the moment took him, he could produce a Fancy Show Guppy that would win and to this day, those who knew him still talk about those guppies he showed.

I decided to pickup where he left off, there is more to raising a guppy other than for show. The little creatures hold many surprises much like a diamond in the rough. Just when you think they have revealed all their secrets, the guppy surprises you.

Looking at the International Fancy Guppy Association judging manual I noticed many times how color in the body of a Fancy Show Guppy is desirable. If you look at your standard, IFGA Fancy Show Guppy the body lacks color. Since minor points are assigned for body color, breeders are not motivated to dedicate their breeding efforts towards these goals.

A Paradigm shift in body color was long overdue, a path much like the black molly needed to happen.

My favorite color in guppies has always been red so I dedicated over 100 tanks to an all red guppy. I recall discussions with a senior judge about how red guppies have a tendency to turn orange. His response was that it has been scientifically determined it takes several genes to produce the color red and missing the proper combination will give you orange guppies. With this seed and goal, I began my search for all the different gene combinations that would give me the ultimate red color and body color coverage.

Some years into my search for the all red guppy I had the opportunity to attend the First World Guppy Show in Osaka Japan. In Japan, I saw for the first time FullGold Fancy Show Guppies, at that moment I knew I was on the right path.

With the help of many individuals, the making of the FULLREDGUPPY materialized.

Since the introduction of the FULLREDGUPPY I never imagined how much positive feedback I would received from all over the world, THANKS. Check out below a small sample of all the places visitors to my website come from leaving messages in my guestbook.

Don't leave this page now!!

Check below I have a surprise for you, I am breaking another PARADIGM

"A great lesson in guppy genetics, beautiful fish with great breeding,looking forward to more new varities of guppies. "

P Jeanne Hill: Boise, Idaho

"Your full red is one of the most exotic strains I've ever seen. Very nice ! hope to hear more from you. "


"You have done fantastic work. Hope to meet u soon....if there is a chance. When the Guppy Club in Singapore is formed, u are certainly on our lists of invited speaker/judge. "

Dr Yeo Chor Tzien (Ed Yeo): Singapore

"It is amasing what you done. Congratulations! "

Saša Petrović: Serbia

"Good project and congrats.. "

Bobot T. Tumapon: Surigao City, The Philippines

"congratulation to your wonderful achievements. "

willson ng: kota kinabalu, sabah,malaysia.

"Love your guppies!!! "

Joe Grimes: Mt. Pleasant, MD

"Thanks, I love the full reds. "

Michael Ott: Pittsburgh PA

"love your fish "

david,debbie jones: rarden,ohio

"Kudo's, Nothing more majestic than a male fancy guppy. "

Dennis Antonelli: Barnstead, New Hampshire

"Kudo's, NICE full reds you got!!!! Nice pics "

Kenneth : Vemmelev, Denmark

"I love your idea of a fish room "

Jeanne A. Wood : Bradford, New Hampshire

"Facinated and excited to read about the latest efforts and successes in genetic color advancements. Well done "

Nancy Alexander : Riverside, R.I.

"ED I received the fish in great condition "

Bill Murphy : Long Island

"Nice site ya have going here.. "

Shawn : Minnesota

"Congratulations on your new strain of Full Red Guppies "

Jeff Rodriguez : Trinidad, West Indies

"Congratulation for your important achievement "

K.L.Ko : The Netherlands

"Love your full reds! "

Clyde Lee : Wrangell, Alaska

"Great lecture at New Hampshire Aquarium Society June meeting. Liked your videos on European guppies & on growing microworms. nice web photos too "

Denise Brown : Portsmouth, NH

"Great fish and nice site! "

Tomoko Young : Honolulu,Hawaii

"Hi wonderful Guppies, good job !!! Gennaro "

Nuzzo : Italy

"Your Red Guppy collection is excellent. I have never seen such beutiful guppies. Shall visit your site regularly for any new collections. "

Sunil.M.K. : India

"Very nice pictures! "

franck : France

"OUTSTANDING looking guppy.goodluck!!!!! "

David ramirez : Brooklyn n.y

"Magnificent Guppy Photographs Magnificent Guppies "

Charles Jacobus : Florida

As PROMISED I have a surprise for you.
I believe if I freely help people to learn the ins and outs of breeding guppies, we all benefit in this website.

So here's what I have to offer . . . .

For The First Time In This Hobby
I Introduce

Audio Webcasting

I Will Be Calling This Webcast

A Blast From The Past And Now

Webcasting will give you the ablility to listen with a click of a button a previously recorded interview on your computer

This audio streaming technology is brought to you from Macro Media.
Almost all of todays computers come with Macro Media player to stream the flash audio.

Each week I will be interviewing seasoned breeders who are active in the hobby now as well as breeders who are no longer in the hobby but have much to share with us

In these interviews I hope to reveal some of those secrets and techniques breeders have been keeping to themselves to be successfull

It will be exciting and informative to hear the voice of many of the names we have only seen in print

Each week I'll be adding new materials to this site on a regular basis and making updates to existing materials as needed.

Inside Check Out The
1st Time Ever Developed

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